Get 3 meals from 1 bird

Get 3 meals in 1 this Christmas with a whole British Turkey. We’re often spoilt for choice when it comes to comes to making a decision for the big day with supermarkets and butchers offering a whole host of different and delicious treats and offers. But when it comes to that decision a majority of the British public plump for tradition, and cook a delicious turkey for their Christmas meal.

When it comes to which turkey or turkey product to buy, well, the choices are almost endless, with whole birds, crowns and a variety of joints all on offer from your supermarket and butcher. So, what to buy?

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3in1 SuggestionsGet Value for Money

We know Christmas is a time when a lot can feel the pinch, with presents to buy and friends and family to cater for, so this year make sure you get the most for your money and think about buying a whole British turkey for your Christmas feast. Buying a whole British turkey certainly has many perks, not only do you get the luxury of a whole golden turkey for your Christmas centrepiece but you also get the rewards of extra meals too.

You can use delicious leftover turkey in a whole host of ways. Not only do you get your Christmas meal from a whole Turkey but you can use tasty leftovers from the turkey for cold sandwiches on Boxing Day or even use in a lovely curry or pie and freeze for another day. What's more, a turkey crown costs similar to a whole turkey but you get extra meat from the legs for the same price.

So with these delicious leftovers you could cook up one of our delicious leftover recipes. We have a couple of brand new recipes for your Christmas leftovers this year, so why not give this wonderful Turkey Mac & Cheese a try. Or if you want to put those fantastic turkey legs to good use, try the new recipe created by our blogging ambassador Gourmet Mum, Crispy Hoisin Turkey Pancakes, it’s delicious!

Simple to cook

If you thought cooking a whole turkey was daunting then fear not, it’s really no different to cooking any other joint of meat. For all you would need to know about how long to cook or defrost your bird, check out our Cooking Calculators. Or it it’s the thought of carving the whole turkey that puts you in a spin then make sure you watch our great video with the one and only Phil Vickery, where he shows you how to cook and carve a tasty whole turkey.

Buying your turkey

Remember to order your fresh whole turkey from your local farmer or butcher early on, or check supermarkets for a variety of sizes and breeds to suit all budgets. Make sure you buy British to ensure you are getting a turkey reared to high welfare standards and look out for the Quality British Turkey logo alongside the familiar Red Tractor on packaging, or check with your butcher before buying.

Need Help?

If you’re still unsure on cooking your turkey for the big day then make sure you ask our team of experts. You can live chat with us, right here on the website, using the icon at the bottom right of your screen. Or you can give us a quick call on 0800 783 9994 for free between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, right up until Christmas Eve.

If you fancy really pushing the boat out this year then why not download our Turkey Timer App for iPhone. Simply search Christmas Turkey Timer in the apple app store and download the app for free. It will tell you how long you need to defrost or cook your Christmas turkey, dependant on the weight. And it even features a cool countdown timer that will count down the minutes until your tasty turkey is perfectly cooked.