Defrosting & Storing

Your turkey must be stored in a fridge at a temperature of no more than 4C.  

If your turkey is frozen and needs to be defrosted, this can be done as follows:


Fridge (up to 4C) – allow 8 to 12 hours per kg

Cool room (10-15C) – allow 3-4 hours per kg

Room temperature (20C) – allow 2 hours per kg


After thawing remove all packaging, take out giblets and store separately.  Store lightly covered on a deep plate or dish (to prevent any of the jucies dripping onto other foods in the fridge) towards the base of the fridge.  Ensure the fridge is at a temperature of no more than 4C).


Once thawed and in the fridge, the turkey will keep for 2 days.  Cooked turkeys should be kept in the fridge no longer than 4 days.  If freezing cooked turkey, remove from the carcass first and freeze separately.  The meat will remain moist and succulent if frozen either in stock or gravy.