Cooking with your Kids

It’s a good idea to get your children interested in cooking and caring about what they eat from an early age.

Not only is it great fun to do as a family, it can help get them to try new things and learn about the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet. So why not get them to help in the kitchen and teach some cookery skills along the way?

Before you start
Tie back hair and wash hands.

Roll up sleeves and wear an apron.

Read through the recipe with your children first so that you do not discover halfway that you needed to preheat the oven or have a special size tin!

Ensure all surfaces are clean.

Choose a recipe which they will enjoy making and eating - shaping burgers, rolling up tortillas, decorating pizzas are all fun and delicious.

During cooking
Children of any age can help with weighing, mixing, decorating.

Older children can help chop ingredients under close supervision.

Extra care should be taken when placing or removing dishes from the oven, using protective oven mitts. If in doubt it is better for adults to do this.

It is important to teach good hygiene – regular hand washing and using clean chopping boards and utensils to prevent bacteria and cross contamination is vital.

Get them to taste as they go (unless it contains raw meat or eggs) so they can develop their palates.

Encourage them to adapt recipes to suit their own tastes. Adding their favourite flavours will give them a sense of achievement and make the results more enjoyable.

After Cooking
Washing up! It teaches children that it is the final part of the cookery process. And in any case the reward is the eating afterwards!

Leave food to cool enough before eating or removing from tins to avoid nasty burns.