Picnic Top Tips

Somehow food always tastes better eaten outside…
Our temperamental British summer weather often mean there is a scurry at the slightest hint of sunlight to get friends together and dine al fresco –picnics on the beach or in the park, or even sitting on a bench outdoors with a packed lunch during lunch break can be so enjoyable. 

A picnic can be anything from a dramatic affair with fancy wicker baskets to a few simple nibbles in a plastic box! Here are British Turkey’s picnic essentials:

Family picnic
For a simple family picnic, all you really need is a blanket and a box of tempting treats. Dispense with the cutlery choose food that can be eaten with fingers. Here are the bare basics:

Plastic box to keep food from being crushed

Easy Picnic Ideas
All you need is something like a sandwich or salad, some fruit and cheese or something sweet to end the meal. Here are some easy picnic recipe ideas:

Special occasions
These call all for a bit of preparation – here are some of the items that you might need in addition to the food, cutlery and crockery:

Variety of Food
It is a good idea to take a variety of food – a couple of different salads, nice bread, olives or nuts, a pie or quiche and for dessert something like chocolate brownies and fresh raspberries will go down a treat. Avoid anything sticky or that could get squashed! Here are some posh picnic recipe ideas:

Important health and safety rules