Filipa Kay

Filipa Kay is a wife, mum and food blogger. She started her blog, Gourmet Mum, nearly three years ago after her eldest son, Joshua (now 4), was born.

Gourmet Mum is all about ‘Real Food for Real Families’ and her website includes easy recipes, cooking tips and meal plans as well as simple step by step complimentary video recipes.

She is passionate about promoting healthy eating for families and helping people to eat healthy and delicious food on a budget. Her recipes include healthy twists on classics, simple interpretations of complex meals and new recipe ideas with everyday ingredients. With a British mum and a Portuguese dad, Filipa was brought up with a mix of cooking styles and flavours which inspires lots of her recipes. She calls her husband Rich her ‘chief taster’ as he had the important job of ‘road testing’ meals before they go on the website.

Filipa is also passionate about families spending time together and recognises how cooking and eating together plays an important role in this. She believes in bringing kids into the kitchen from a young age will naturally teach them about food and cooking skills.

After a taking a degree in biology and a masters in toxicology, she worked as a regulatory toxicologist for a large multinational for 8 years until her youngest son, Daniel (now 2), was born. She completed a BTEC in Healthy Eating in 2011 to help develop healthy recipes for Gourmet Mum.

In 2013, Filipa became an ambassador for British Turkey and worked alongside TV Chef Phil Vickery on a series of 4 web-films.  Filipa regularly cooks turkey for her family particularly as it is such a healthy meat to cook with.